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                                 HI, I'M KELSHA

I specialize in exposing the truth of your health and wellbeing through the examination of the core energies of your body and being. I see clients for Brain Integration Therapy but know that fixing someone a hot cup of their favorite drink and connecting with them can be just as healing as a session.

Healthy people don’t go to the emergency room for help and a healing journey doesn’t start because you’ve had a life of ease. We live in a society that for years cultivated the ideology of presenting an outer façade to appease the masses. We have striven to create social connections that would not make anyone feel uncomfortable dealing with anything that was too real. My sessions are designed for the new world. One in which we value authentic expressions for the cultivation of true connections. The world has been changing, and if you are paying attention, releasing attachments to people, places and things that can’t stand with you on the solid ground of truth telling, is all around you.

It can be scary to tell your truth. We have a rising fear within us that if we are too much, if we share too much, if we feel too much, others will judge us and ultimately abandon us. We fear the loss of connection more than anything else. The paradigm shift that we are here to usher into this new world is one where we know that it is the deceit, the lies, the lack of authenticity that truly has been holding us back from real connections the whole time. The façade that we represent by pretending to have it all together is the true barrier to the connection our hearts need for our minds, bodies, and souls to thrive.

Welcome to our new world. A world where others can share with you their traumatic journey and the resources they used to approach a holistic healing. We are multi-faceted. We approach our healing journey knowing that there is no one size fits all and there is no panacea to save you from the experience of diving deep into who you really are. I am pure soul and so are you. I’m honored that you have found my work that is the culmination of my life experiences. Through our work together I will share not only highlights of my life that are social media post worthy, but the depths of my experiences, that I call my resiliency training.

It’s my desire that through working with me, you will feel you have gained a true friend. That you will see yourself more clearly through my shared experiences. But it doesn’t stop there. We will discuss healing modalities, exercises, and techniques that I have personally used myself and with clients that have come to me for Brain Integration Therapy, to support their journey towards meeting their highest selves.

You are pure soul, and we will walk hand in hand towards the mirror that will reflect to you not just the lovely parts, but the dark parts that become lovely through seeing them more clearly. You are loved. Thank you for being here and becoming a soul friend.

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"I paid a visit to Kelsha at Kelsha Wellness yesterday for a BIT tune up. I had a full treatment with her last summer. Kelsha intuitively knew I have had some upset lately and reached out to me. This process is amazing and I highly recommend it and Kelsha! Google BIT, I am feeling focused today and "on purpose." Dinny Evans

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Rev. Kelsha Hardy, B.Msc.

Who Benefits from Brain Integration?

BIT relieves stress and addreses:

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Learning difficulties (ADD, ADHD, and dyslexia), Developmental delays, Sensory processing disorders, Autistic spectrum disorders, Speech problems- dyspraxia, apraxia, Gross and fine motor dysfunction, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Attachment disorders and more.

Emotional Diffusion Healing

What are trapped emotions? When we go through an unprocessed trauma or experience, the energy becomes stuck in our system. We can carry trapped emotions around with us and these can cause us to feel off, out of body, have anxiety and depression.

We give this past trauma the platform of being seen, so the stagnant energy can begin to flow and your system can return to a state of wellbeing. 

The Emotion Code is designed to be a powerful and simple way to rid yourself of this unseen baggage. Kelsha includes emotional diffusion in all her sessions. 

Aroma Therapy

Our CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oil products offer natural solutions for you and your loved ones. 
Kelsha uses doTERRA Essential Oils in her office for leading meditation and hands on AromaTouch Therapy. Enjoy a relaxing AromaTouch and Tibetan Singing Bowl massage. These massages are more about oil application and relaxation than physically intensive.

Distant Healing Sessions
Kelsha works with people all over the world to release trapped emotions, balance neurotransmitters and gain spiritual confidence.

Reactive Attachment Disorder Support
When bonding is disrupted, it can cause a family to struggle with healthy attachment styles and to feel like they are drowning in their day-to-day living. Kelsha works with you to address abandonment wounds whether your own or your child's. Many humans carry fear with them of being alone and we work to be present with those fears.

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