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Fighting For Your Right to not LIVE

I had an interesting dream last year while on our dream quest to the coast, that oddly enough illustrates my feelings on being an activist.

I was at the mall with my kids, and Jettie had done the climbing wall that she was capable of doing, but then her little sister (with down syndrome) wanted to do the same thing. Now, one of the workers took it upon themselves to tell Laylie that she could not do it. So, therein was the first unjust action. They didn't know her abilities one way or the other, but they told her no.

So, in my dream I let them know that even if she couldn't reach the top like her sister, that she was capable of trying, and going up as far as she could. They refused to let her try. All of a sudden my mom was there with me. And there was no way she was going to let them unjustly keep that experience from Laylie.

With me so far? For the rest of the night I continued to dream about being STUCK in the Mall while my mom wanted to talk to this person, and this supervisor, and this manager. She was dragging Laylie behind her the whole time, while Laylie just wanted to go play.

I literally watched Laylie grow up stuck in that Mall. By the end of my dream she was middle aged, she had no experiences, she had a bitter heart that told her to fight against everyone for what they wouldn't "let" her do. In the dream I remember trying to talk my mom in to just letting us go and enjoy the day. "Fighting with them about keeping her from an experience while we continue to not let her LIVE is crazy!"

I have often tried to explain to people how I feel about the feminist movement. I don't identify with it. I feel, of course I don't have to fight for my rights as a woman, I am a human. Now, this is NOT TO SAY I don't think it is great when people stand up for something they believe in, SO LONG AS IT ALIGNS WITH THEIR LIFE PURPOSE. If you spend your days fighting against the system, for the sake of the fight, and not because the fight enhances your life experiences, then you are, so to speak just growing up, stuck in a mall, having very little, if any meaningful and joyful experiences in your life.

This comes back to even the more simple act of walking away from trying to explain yourself to someone who disagrees with your stance on something, or your choices. If having that conversation with them helps you enjoy life more, do it. But, if it just keeps you in a space of arguing and not being out enjoying life, they win.

Don't "grow up" in a mall following the fight from one person, to the next person. In the time that you waste doing that, you could have gone out and found a real mountain to climb. Go actually live your life.

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