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Love Freely Given

How do you extend mercy and kindness to those who explosively demand subjugation in your relationships? If one demands respect, conversation, love, acceptance, or anything else, can it ever be freely given? And even if you freely give it, on what kind of heart will that love and respect land? Will the one demanding a certain behavior or energy from you ever trust in your intentions, or will they always feel your character is only strong because of them?

How do you extend mercy and kindness to those, who at their core believe they do not deserve your love? How do you remind yourself that we give love simply because we are love. And other's ability to accept and take in that love is not the deciding factor? Others do not get to choose how you show up in the world. When someone pushes our buttons, and we interact with them in a way we are not proud of, let's not play the victim and say they just know how to get to us. Yes. They do. Yes. It sucks. And yes, you and I are both in charge of how we show up.

At this season of close relationships triggering us at every corner, it's my desire to remember simply, I was made from the true source of love. I am love. I can give and receive love independent of other's trust in me or preconceived ideas about who I should be giving my love to. I also can behave in ways that are true to my character whether they are demanded upon by others or not.

And when I fall short, and I give a dirty look, or thoughtlessly cast aside someone else's wants (Cause did you guys completely know I am not perfect!?)...Let me get back on the track of centered love quickly. Remembering I love for the sake of love, whether other's trust my love or not, is not my problem.

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