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WHY do we Meditate?

With all the talk of meditation and presence and creating a peace of mind, do we understand the why? Do you guys know that our neurosis shows up when we loose our true identity? When we have identified ourselves with our current circumstances and time based realities, when those titles, circumstances and timeframes change, our systems struggle to have a clear identity anymore, and neurotic behavior presents.

Think about all your labels. I am: A Brain Integration Practitioner, Jettie and Laylie's mom, I live in Yuba County, I drive an F250, I'm an Administrative Assistant and I make... What happens if we don't know our true identity and those things change? Every single label you assign yourself will, with time and exterior influence change.

Even if you remain your child's parent, the WAY you are in relationship to them changes. Even if you keep your job, and keep making x amount, your expenses of living in the world change, and on and on.

I remember when I went through plant ceremony, looking at my feet. Really, intently looking at them, and feeling so overwhelmingly thankful for the fact that they have carried me through every single life circumstance. And as I ate my first meal coming out of ceremony, the taste of each living thing in that taco. Blessing it with my thoughts that it had come so far to feed me and nourish my body.

In ceremony the thoughts "I chose this." repeated over and over. An affirmation for me to acknowledge I am not a victim of circumstances, but a co-creator of this roller coaster journey, and at any moment, I am welcome to step in to presence which will give me peace.

If you feel you are "going crazy", and are struggling with dissociative energy, traditional therapy might encourage you to create more and more labels for yourself, by going out and creating more "purpose" in your life. But, I'd appeal to your thoughts, that maybe it's not creating more labels and purpose for yourself. Because you my dear, are already EVERYTHING. Your true identity that can not be changed with outer circumstances and time is the truth that you are One with All.

Love you all.

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