Don’t Take Our Word For It

So I feel as if I'm slowly emerging from a cocoon as I step back into social life after a several year hiatus. I realized something over the last few weeks I wanted to share with you since it was something you said to me some time ago that helped me. I talked with you about being incapable if blocking emotions if I was touching another person. Such as if I give a massage I fall asleep.

You basically said to identify the feeling if it was my feeling or theirs. Basically filter them instead of trying to block them out. So the last few years have been spent in more solitude than I've ever experienced in my entire life. I was over a year into my work comp injury by the time covid hit and had been home off work for several months already. Then social distancing came. During that period I had quit working (people interaction 9 hours a day) and removed myself from a circle of friends who I just did NOT click with. I've felt emotions my whole life. I can't remember a time when I didn't. As the youngest girl in a family of 12 then from my mom's house to living with/marrying and having babies. All my jobs have been customer service high people interaction. Rarely alone time...ever.

Anyway I have realized as I step back into "society" that it is much easier for me in crowds, in high emotion places. The hospital no longer leaves me drained and nauseated. I can interact and even soothe at a funeral and not come home feeling like a hollowed out shell. Tired and a little melancholy but not the soul deep weariness experienced in the past. I could also filter individual emotions through the crowd and knew just KNEW EXACTLY where I was needed. It was intense and amazing and oh so very humbling at the same time. Does that make sense? Anyway I realized I had NEVER felt only my emotions. Ever. I never had an opportunity like my system had been bombarded since birth. I had constantly tried to shield out everything when opening and expanding from the INSIDE was what I truly needed. You helped tremendously I can't even say how much. I do still tend to take crowds in small doses but now more because I truly LIKE my ME time and not because I'm exhausted and overwhelmed from so many emotions. You are right I don't share much of my journey. I think that's actually a big part of it that it's mostly solo work sort of. But I guess it all is since healers don't heal us, they help us realize we can heal ourselves. Thank you for that gift.

Vicki Poh

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I started seeing Kelsha 6 years ago. Originally I went for brian intergration sessions to help with what was diagnosed as ADD when I was in high school. Kelsha and I had a handful of appointments to work through the different components needed to help me have better brian function. In these sessions she released old emotional trauma and blocks that made it harder for my left and right brain to work together properly, thus causing “ADD”. Without a doubt, I began to feel more clear, less anxious, less over thinking, and better able to deal with different situations as they arose.

After we finished those sessions, I did not want to stop seeing her, although we had completed the brain integration protocol. Kelsha and I decided I would keep checking in every few weeks (or whatever I needed, sometimes longer) to help process and balance different things as they came up. I always left my sessions feeling more clear, and calm. They also helped me to be more self reflective as we would work on past emotions that had been trapped and not previously released or processed.

After some time I began doing proxy sessions with Kelsha. What's interesting about the proxy sessions, is that I felt as much relief after them as I had in person. From a distance Kelsha was able to check in on things currently coming up, as well as old emotions. I even had Kelsha start working on my animals, and noticeable shifts and breakthroughs were happening with them.

Proxy sessions are essential to me, from checking in on my physical health, emotional health, relationships, work... the changes I have felt and seen in others in my world since I began seeing Kelsha is honestly life changing for me. If you are on the fence with trying the distance healing, just know it WORKS, and saves time, gets just as much healing accomplished. The past 7 months would have been particularly hard to navigate without these sessions.

Amy A.

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"I’ve felt this need for quite a while to write this. The cause preventing me from doing so stems from my fear of it being perceived as just another testimonial. I wish and pray that you will feel my sincerity! 
Kelsha is one of the most genuine people I have ever met! Her driving force, dream, ambition, groove (the rhythm in which she lives her life) and sense of purpose is YOU!… She wants nothing more than for you to realize who you ARE, who you can BECOME and who that person is, is full of goodness and purpose! You are beautiful! 
As you meet with Kelsha something new will come into your life… not just relief from current challenges, heartaches or even if you just feel stuck... as I was! She helps you discover how to remove road blocks and uncover tools that are already a part of who you are and unique to you. You will feel an awakening of self, hope and a love of life. A life that is yours! Just believe… It’s possible! Thank you Kelsha for opening my eyes!"

Robert Hall

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I started seeing Kelsha 4 years ago. I began seeing her because I was struggling with the feelings of anxiety and depression. I did not want help for a long time because I did not even know where to begin, how to explain my feelings or why I was feeling those ways. I did not want to go to talk therapy because I felt I wouldn’t even know what to say so I gave Kelsha a chance. I was very nervous and did not want to go my first time but I did. My life changed after that day. Kelsha opened my eyes to so many different things and helped me in so many different ways. I continue to go to Kelsha and I look forward to it every time. During my sessions I feel at peace and like I can finally relax and be present. After my sessions with Kelsha I have a lot more clarity, peace and understanding. My friends and family always notice a difference after my sessions. Kelsha has played a large role in who I am today and inspired my career path. I feel that because of Kelsha I have a better understanding of feelings, emotions, where they come from and how to cope with them. I also feel more connected to the energy and people around me and more compelled to help others. I would recommend Kelsha to anyone of any age going through any hardship. Thank you Kelsha for all you do and changing my life!  Me and my family cannot thank you enough for everything you have done!

Savannah Gay



Don’t Take Our Word For It

I had a very spiritual, very personal experience with the help of Kelsha. And I will be the first to admit how apprehensive I was to even meet her.  I had lost a loved one, lover, partner, and for 2 years I had a very hard time, getting back to “normal” I had a hard time “living”, I was even suicidal before I met Kelsha.  After losing my loved one, I ASKED for a message, somehow, some way, “please give me a sign so I can believe in something”.  I asked for a very specific message, and I had even set a deadline for an answer, I didn’t really pay attention to the time passing or if there were any signs, I was so lost in my own sadness, my own feelings of loss that I had forgotten all about what I had asked for.  But there I was a month from that deadline to come, my aunt had gotten me a session with Kelsha and I only went to make my great aunts act of love, go to waste.  But there I was at Kelsha’s wonderful space, nervous and counting the minutes before I could leave.   And within ten minutes of meeting Kelsha, she gave me the exact message I had asked for. She is one of the most beautiful gifts from the universe. A clear conduit. A real veil lifter. I would never do this on any day, share this very special experience. My spirit was awakened on this day. My consciousness shaken, my heart mended, and most of all I could breathe. The sorrow, the loss, it’s airtight grip, gone. There was so much that happened in that small amount of time. I could never put it to text, words, but I was a staunch realist and a doubter, I am awakened. And I am living today because of this special encounter.

Angela Manring

 "If you are on the fence and wonder if Kelsha's work is really for you my suggestion is give it a try. With every visit I have had with Kelsha I have learned more about myself and been able to overcome obsticals that in the past I would have ignored. I am very grateful for the help I have received in Kelsha's office. Don't sit on the fence. Go visit. It will be worth it."

Angela Sandlin