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Don’t Take Our Word For It

I had a very spiritual, very personal experience with the help of Kelsha. And I will be the first to admit how apprehensive I was to even meet her.  I had lost a loved one, lover, partner, and for 2 years I had a very hard time, getting back to “normal” I had a hard time “living”, I was even suicidal before I met Kelsha.  After losing my loved one, I ASKED for a message, somehow, some way, “please give me a sign so I can believe in something”.  I asked for a very specific message, and I had even set a deadline for an answer, I didn’t really pay attention to the time passing or if there were any signs, I was so lost in my own sadness, my own feelings of loss that I had forgotten all about what I had asked for.  But there I was a month from that deadline to come, my aunt had gotten me a session with Kelsha and I only went to make my great aunts act of love, go to waste.  But there I was at Kelsha’s wonderful space, nervous and counting the minutes before I could leave.   And within ten minutes of meeting Kelsha, she gave me the exact message I had asked for. She is one of the most beautiful gifts from the universe. A clear conduit. A real veil lifter. I would never do this on any day, share this very special experience. My spirit was awakened on this day. My consciousness shaken, my heart mended, and most of all I could breathe. The sorrow, the loss, it’s airtight grip, gone. There was so much that happened in that small amount of time. I could never put it to text, words, but I was a staunch realist and a doubter, I am awakened. And I am living today because of this special encounter.

Angela Manring

 "If you are on the fence and wonder if Kelsha's work is really for you my suggestion is give it a try. With every visit I have had with Kelsha I have learned more about myself and been able to overcome obsticals that in the past I would have ignored. I am very grateful for the help I have received in Kelsha's office. Don't sit on the fence. Go visit. It will be worth it."

Angela Sandlin

I would like to thank Kelsha LeAnne and the cherry River wellness for a very informative class on muscle testing and Vibrational medicine. This class answered a lot of questions plaguing me for years. Science is only now beginning to catch up and understand how our body truly works. We can all eat right, exercise, and live what you think is a healthy life style but if you don’t truly listen to body needs it could all be in vain.

Harlon Sevier Jr.

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